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  • The Rise of the Apple iPod

    During his time spent working at General Magic and Phillips, Tony Fadell had a revolutionary idea for a new mp3 player that was dissimilar to the existing, flash memory-based players currently on the market. He wanted to create a pocket-sized hard drive player that was capable of linking with an onl [...]
  • Wireless Speakers and Freedom

    Wireless speakers make it that much easier to plan an outdoor party with music, since people won't have to deal with all of the annoying cables normally associated with speakers. People can get great sound without needing to rely on a device that is not really portable. Thanks to wireless speaker [...]
  • Making USB Devices Even More Convenient

    Universal Serial Bus, or USB as we commonly refer to them, were introduced in 1995 as a way to easily connect peripheral hardware to our computers. Though computer manufacturers were not enthusiastic to add USB ports to computers, with time they became a necessity as they proved to be reliable, vers [...]